rowanlangley (rowanlangley) wrote in green_power_gen,

Improved generator performance since weed clearance and a peak current of 44 amps recorded recently.

If anything the batteries seem to have matured and there have been very few times where they have refused to give enough current to make a tea brew and several machine washes have been done successfully.

The three year life observed with the carbon fibre plate batteries has been replicated on teh stand alone system in the Scottish borders, despite a larger solar array and more sophisticated charge controller. this system is likely to see some work in teh next two months with a change to Rolls batteries - 4 x 450 AH 6 volt units in series.

The 10,000 or more square feet of the building in Bermondsey only had to spend £100 pounds on electricity in the last quater and is due a significant sum in feed in tariff for probably three out of four quarters in the year

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