August 14th, 2012


A good summer

Electricity imports since march have been negligible. 0.7 KWh in July, zero in June, three in May, 16 in April
Winter imports as one would expect -28 November,45 December, 52 January,46 February.

Electricity production has been good June saw 80 KWh delivered, 52 in May, 61 in July, 51 in April, 29 March, 26 February,19 in January, down to 1.6 in December, with 18 in November.

Some attention today, hacking back the undergrowth to remove a shading problem reducing the array peak power.

As I type nearly 40 amps is emerging from the charge controller, and I am tempted to do a machine wash while the sun shines.

The last month has been a very good one for the big grid connected system in Bermondsey, with the power reaching a peak of 9.9 KW by mid morning, and most of the day around 6 to 7 kilowatts of power export from the building.

The system design is coming good, trading peak power in favour of very low visual impact and longer time running near the inverter peak, and with a system which wrings abit more power out on indifferent days.