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Renewable Energy generators' Journal
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Monday, December 10th, 2012

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Seasonal renewable energy reports
The flat ran off grid between March and the end of October this year.
A run of overcast skies at the end of October led to shutting down for around 3 weeks to ensure all available solar energy went to battery charging, bring the batteries back to 100% and the return of the clear days allowing the batteries to spend time in Absorb Charge mode to reverse any sulphation which might have attempted to establish itself.

Load is presently splitwith the solar system dealing with lighting and the circuit supplying the fridge, allowing long periods during the day when all energy is going towards battery charging
Seasonal renewable energy reports
The gas bills are in for the largebuilding in Bermondsey where a Solar Thermal system was added to one of the central hot water installations this year.

During the seasn April to October 2011 the building consumed over 2300 x 100 cu feet of gas.
For the same period in 2012 the consumption had dropped to a little over 1000, despite only one of the two hot water systems presently being fited with solar therma and at times the weather being a little "Unseasonal"

This bodes well for next year as the second system is due to go in and a third central hot water with solar thermal from the outset due for construction

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