August 16th, 2014


Maintenance weekend

The rebuilt sustem has been running two and a half years without incident, including going through a winter with a helping hand from cheap rate overnight power.

Shut down was to see the effect of two and a half years hard use as a punter rather than enthusiast might use the system.

Obervations :
Capacity loss. Noticeable
Water loss : 15 litres added to the four large batteries today to bring the electrolyte back to the top of the plates, followed by an afternoon on charge with no load taken. Back on load for the evening, and I am minded to run things tomorrow back on the grid and give them another day on charge, I want them to spend a good long time in the Absorbe part of the cycle to get the last 20% of the charge into the battery and the last 20% of the sulphate off the plates and into solution.

20 by 3 metre lengths of unistrut were delivered today. After ten years of frames made from wood obtained from skip diving, it is time for something more permanent. Unistrut is like Mecnano for grown ups. Go to the basement of any building of any size and you will find it supportoing pipes, cables, cable trays, all manner of service items. I need another order to come through with 45 degree angles before I can start building, but I set to work with the angle grinder cutting them to 2 metre lengths for the main triangular sections, with about 400 mm to o into the ground in concrete to keep it nailed down. The 1 metre offcuts will find use in a window shade for the back windows to keep the rooms more cool in summer, with the sun's energy being captured in a west facing array section to spin the generating peropd out a bit more.